Put Me In Your Phone

Hey, Splettnetizens! I get a lot of compliments on my voicemail about my outgoing voicemail message. You can listen to it here:

And if you want to use it on your phone, you can download it using the instructions below.

Enjoy! MC Richie Rich

Rap Voicemail – iPhone

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer.
  • In Finder, double-click on the file to open in iTunes®. You will find the file in the Tones section of your Library.
  • Drag and drop your selected ringtones to sync with your iPhone or sync automatically.
  • Go to your iPhone’s Settings to access the Sounds menu, and select where you would like to use Richard’s Rap.

Rap Voicemail – Android 

  • Connect your Android phone to your computer, and unlock your screen if it’s locked.
  • Open your device’s storage, and open the Ringtones folder to transfer the MP3 file.
    • The location of the folder may vary depending on your phone.
    • The Ringtones folder is most commonly found in the base folder, but can also be found within Media > Audio > Ringtones.
    • If you do not have a Ringtones folder, you can create one.
  • Copy Richard’s Rap into the folder by dragging and dropping from your computer, or copying and pasting the file.
  • Go to your Android phone’s Settings to access the Sound menu, and select where you would like to use Richard’s Rap.
  • Medium Nostrils

    I used this on my outgoing voicemail greeting and I just received a 30% raise and found out my wife is pregnant! Nice work Richard!