A Different Drummer

One of the most impressive skills in music is drummers who can sing. And of the singing drummers in rock, I feel like there is one who just towers over the rest: Jimmy Marinos of the Romantics.

Not to disparage anyone else’s skills, but it’s like it’s Marinos, and then everybody else. I mean, the Romantics’ eponymous debut album was like the Sgt. Pepper of ā€™70s/ā€™80s power pop. That being said, I guess you could include Ringo Starr in the pantheon of singing drummers. Yeah, probably should, I mean, “Octopus’s Garden” is pretty stellar stuff. I’d still give the nod to Marinos, though. Just based on body of work.

  • andys03

    I would have thought you were a Phil Collins man.