Anonymous No Longer

Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve enjoyed helping others. When I was in grade school, I always let other students copy off of my tests even when I was pretty sure that all my answers were wrong. That’s how strong the urge to help is with me.

In my adult life, I’ve found a lot of different ways to “make a difference.” One is through my work as a public servant. Another is by eating at restaurants that probably recycle and maybe donate some of their leftovers to the poor. You know the kind of restaurants I mean. I’m definitely not talking about Greek coffee shops which almost always seem to have really untidy trash areas.

Thanks to the powerful tools of communication we have now (the Internet, Facebook, etc.) there are more ways to help people than ever. For example, sharing experiences that others can learn from and sharing problems so that people who suffer from them don’t feel so alone.

That’s why I’m “going public” to announce that I am a member of a twelve-step program to help me cope with a lifelong personal issue. I joined Sleepwalkers Anonymous 15 years ago after an embarrassing incident caused me to have to move off-campus to a ground floor apartment I could barely afford at the time.

More people suffer from sleepwalking than you probably imagine.  I bet the numbers are in the millions. And chronic sleepwalking can affect people of both sexes, all ethnicities, all ages, and from all walks of life. Sorry, I probably should have said “any sex” rather than “both sexes.” Some of the problems associated with sleepwalking are accidents, sleeplessness, divorce, and fatigue. Some doctors believe that it may lead to a shortened lifespan. Hope not!

If you or someone you love is a sleepwalker, help is available! There are doctors who specialize in sleep disorders. They may not have been the top of their medical school class but they’re still pretty darn good. And they can prescribe powerful sleeping pills.  But beyond that there is Sleepwalkers Anonymous which addresses the shame of sleepwalking through the patented “12 steps.” According to their website, there are branches in 15 states, maybe including a state near you!

So get help today and if you’d like more information or to share your sleepwalking nightmare story, go ahead and e-mail me.