Camel Racing

A lot of people ask me how interested I am in camel racing, and my answer is always the same: very, very, very.  I came close to seeing an actual camel race during a business trip to Qatar, and I hope to actually see one very soon.  In my head, I have leapfrogged (leapcameled?) past seeing my first camel race, and even past becoming a true aficionado of the sport of sultans, to the inevitable moment, not far from now I hope, when I have my own stable (or should I say tent?  I’ll have to research that and get back to you) of racing camels.  As any future racing camel owner will tell you, the hardest thing by far is naming your camels.  I have stuck a (camel) toe in the water here, and come up with a few names, which I have organized here by favorites, runners-up, and honorable mention.


Bactrian The Future

Humpty Dumpty

How Sheikh

Ain’t Miskbehavin’




Tent Stake

Odd Hijab

Come to Bedouin

Sahara Bernhardt



Mini Misk

How Ya Dune

Does This Make Me Look Fatwah

Cutey Pie

Gal Qaeda

Haaj Podge

Hussein in the Membrane

Sandy Griffith

Ali Oxinfree


Honorable mention: