From the Electronic Mailbag: Potpourri

James writes:

hi the videos arent loading for me. i just want to watch the movies.


They seem to be working for me. Also, what movies are you talking about?

Justin says:

Great Job, Splett.  You’re the best!

Thanks, Justin! Readers like you make it all worthwhile. 

Alexander asks:


As a policy wonk aspirant, I was wondering how you got yourself involved in the government community. I heard that you were a staffer beforehand, but how would you suggest that I, a fellow wonkish individual, should get into government?

That’s a tough one. Maybe write to your Congressman? Or volunteer in your area? That’s what I did but I don’t know if it will work for you. I got lucky. I don’t know. It’s hard because a lot of people want to “get into” politics.

Ian writes:

Luz ya, Splett.  Just sayin’

Luz ya, too, Ian!  Keep readin’ and writin’ and sayin’!

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Still waiting on Jason…

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    oops I didn’t know we couldn’t talk about Spletts (I musta been crazy)