From the Electronic Mailbag: Questions, Questions, and More Questions!

Zach and Dave want to know:

 Hi Richard,

I have a couple of questions I thought you could answer:

1) What is the legal precedent on ballots with hanging chads?

2) What is the meanest thing Jonah has ever said to/about you?

1)    Hanging chads are considered the “third rail” of recount law. There’s no way I’m touching that one. I can’t recall Jonah ever saying anything mean to/about me. He’s the most decent person I know!

Roger writes:


Hi, Roger!

David asks:

Will you go to prom with me??

I think you’re so dreamy! And knowledgable! 

I’m blushing, David. I’m also glad to know that you find knowledgeable people attractive. Stay in school!

David wonders: 

Who are your top 5 Favorite characters in the Meet The Parents Universe?

You can’t say Jinxy Cat, because he is obviously number 1

Sorry, David, but for me Robert de Niro’s Jack Byrnes is always going to be #1 with a bullet! There’s nothing de Niro can’t do. The rest probably goes like this: 

2)    Gaylord “Greg” Focker (Ben Stiller)

3)    Kevin Rawley (Owen Wilson)

4)    ???

5)    Dr. Larry Banks (James Rebhorn)

Redesign on Hold

My auntie used to say: “Be happy with what you’ve got, not what you hope you’re going to get.” So, right now, I’m pretty darn happy with the way it is. #grateful