From the Electronic Mailbag: Readers Interact with Me!

From Pensola:

You are so funny!! You need your own talk show!

Thanks but that seems like a lot of pressure!


Tan writes:

I have an important business deal to discuss with you that will be of great benefit for both of us. Reply if interested for more details

You bet I’m interested! Please send more details ASAP to me at


“Splettfan” says:

Hi Richard Splett

Your number 1 Splett fan here. We at the Spetternity were worried that your favourite teas did not include the classic Assam tea or Green tea. I am sure this is an oversight you will be willing to correct. Understandably you had to make room for the deliciousness that is Snapple, but then no love fr AriZona?

Please advise


Splett Fan

”What we do in life echoes in spletternity”

Happy to set the record straight! You spell “favorite” like an English person, Splettfan, and I know that English people know their teas!


Max opines:

I feel like we should have the say in the names we are voting on for followers of splettnet. I personally would prefer Splettizens.

This is your blog, too, Max! Definitely you should have a say!


Tan writes:

I seek your consent for an urgent business proposition. If interested do contact me back via my private email. Awaiting your urgent reply.

Color me interested! Consent granted! I have written you directly to say this, as well. Very excited to hear your proposition!