From the Electronic Mailbag

Today’s mailbag is a bit of a “grabbag.” Please keep writing and commenting! I love to hear from pretty much anyone so keep the electronic mails coming to

Tori writes:

Apples are great. 

 You can say that again, Tori!

Jessica asks:

Hey Richard,

1) Love the site. 2) I saw in one of your posts that you have a Return of Jafar laser disc, which made me think: What’s your favorite Aladdin movie? The original? Return of Jafar? Or, in my opinion, the underrated King of Thieves? 

 Love to hear back!


1) Love you for loving the site! 2) The original.

Dylan says:

You are my hero.

Wow, Dylan! That’s a “heavy” responsibility. I try to be an “everyday hero” by following the Golden Rule and doing unto others as I would be done to by them.

Kat writes:

Hello Mr. Splett

Hello, Kat!

Andrew says:

Go Richard!!

Go Andrew!!!

Steve writes:

Hi Richard,

Big fan of the blog. Nice to see the ‘human face’ behind the Washington ‘scene’. I really like NPR podcasts too! Aren’t they based in Washington? They should give you a show!

Two questions – 

1) When’s your birthday?

2a) If you were going to get a fish that wasn’t a Siamese Fighting Fish, what would it be?

2b) If you were going to get a Siamese Fighting Fish that wasn’t blue, what color would it be?



Thank you, Steve! First of all, I hear you about the Washington “scene.” It can be hard to make human connections with people who feel they can never let their hair down and “be themselves.” One great way to break the ice is by asking people if you can read their palm. Karaoke is also great.

To answer your questions:

1) October 10

2a) That’s a tough one. Maybe a catfish because they seem to have so much personality. I also find the whole gourami family intriguing.

2b) After the problems I’ve had with Sherman and Mr. Peabody, I don’t think I’d ever get another Siamese Fighting Fish.   But if you put a gun to my head and asked me what color Siamese Fighting Fish I’d choose after blue, I would say orange or reddish-orange.

  • Gabriella Runnels

    My birthday is Oct 11! We are almost birthday twins.