It’s Throwback Thursday!

TBT From October 2014.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Tip: Make sure you film it! I was so excited to get in on this cultural phenomenon slash charitable endeavor that I just ran down to the supermarket, got a bag of ice and dumped it on my head… and completely forgot to set up a camera to document it. Classic Splett. So when I tried to challenge some friends, they sort of didn’t take my word for it, which was a bit of a bummer, but I get it, I totally do. A couple of them sent back emails saying they’d done it, but they also didn’t film it, so maybe they had made the same mistake? Or…

  • ellyl33

    hi,im your fan from China,really like you and your blog !have a good day!

  • Aneesh Bhoopathy

    is this real

  • Is that “Cat Party?”

    Classic Splett.