Lesson Learned: No More Guest Bloggers!

When I went “off-line” last week to attend to a minor health issue, I unwisely turned over Splettnet temporarily to my cousin Alonzo.  Although I gave him strict instructions as well as general guidance, contrary to my wishes he immediately posted 17 highly inflammatory items about bullfighting.  Because I had been sedated, I was temporarily powerless to remove them and, as a result, many people saw them and were quite understandably offended.

In particular, a lot of you were bothered by Alonzo’s assertion that it “matters little to me whose blood is shed, bull or bullfighter, just as long as blood is shed and in copious amounts.”  Others were disturbed by his saying that “in Spain, for $15 (if you’re willing to sit in the cheap seats) you can spend a delightful afternoon watching a bull or a man die — or preferably both!”

Unfortunately, Alonzo expanded on his view in later posts, saying that, “it is hard to imagine any sport — be it baseball, football, soccer, or women’s soccer – that would not be significantly improved by the introduction of fighting bulls into the arena and the death of some of the participants be they human or bovine.”  He also wrote a lengthy description of the “bright spurt of arterial blood from a fatal groin injury to a matador mixing on the hot Iberian sand with the welling heart blood of a bull that is breathing its last so that, in the end, one could not tell whose blood was whose.”

Rest assured that I do not share these sentiments, I do not endorse them, and I do not consider them even remotely appropriate for Splettnet, which is intended to be a family blog.  I have deleted the posts in question and I apologize unreservedly to my readers.  I have also expressed my disappointment directly to Alonzo and assure you that I will be more diligent in the future before I allow anyone else to post here.