My Bucket List:

Visit Florida

Win an Olympic bronze medal

Break out of prison

Meet one of my idols

Travel to space OR travel in time (or both)

Learn blackjack

Get a (new) pen-pal

Extricate self from current unsatisfactory pen-pal relationship without hurting feelings

Become invisible (temporary)

Meet a president (DONE!)

Have a dream where I’m able to fly

Catch a hand grenade and throw it back at the enemy before it blows up

Scuba dive

Mentor a youth(s)

Dwell in a cave


  • Katie

    I’ll be your pen-pal! I have a nice white cat and live in Chicago. Check out my instagram @puftingtonpost

  • wyliemac

    yeah, but if she doesn’t get a library, can you really cross off “meet a President” off your list?

  • Jim

    You can check off time travel because this post was written 8 months in the future!

  • Reynolds Williams

    You can add and cross off “Be greatest living American” when you have the time.

  • jenng

    why not silver???

  • Tom

    Hi Richard – I love your blog! I think it’s the best thing about the internet right now.

    I’m curious – what sort of a youth would you like to mentor? What advice would you offer?

    Are any of your work colleagues – in your opinion – good or bad role models?

    Cheers! Tom