New List of Apples!

There’s just one: Jonagold. 

It’s a cross between the Jonathan and the Golden Delicious.

It’s my new favorite because it reminds me of Congressional candidate Jonah Ryan, who’s definitely gold. 

Although, as far as an apple goes, it’s not the tastiest. The last one I bought had bruises all over the left side. Maybe not the apple’s fault. Probably because I dropped it in the supermarket. I almost didn’t buy it, but one of the guys spraying the produce saw me do it. When life gives you bruised apples, there’s not much you can do.


That’s what I forgot to get at the supermarket, and it was the reason I went there! Somehow I ended up with the apple. Now that I think about it, Laundry detergent. Totally forgot that too. 

I guess I can eat chips for breakfast again.

  • bigtinkler

    Buy your cereal and detergent at the wholesale discount store! Costco or someplace! It’ll save you dollars, man!

  • Jennifer

    When life gives you bruised apples, you give life bruises!