Nintendos and Nintendon’ts

My first video game console was a used Nintendo that my auntie bought me at a yard sale for $15. The only hitch was that it didn’t come with cables to connect it to the TV, so I just set it up in front of the TV and used my imagination to play games. When I finally got the cables, the games were kind of a letdown compared to the games I was playing in my head, so I unplugged it and went back to my imaginary games. I got really good at Bonk! (Imaginary) and Warriors of the Seventh Realm VII (Imaginary).

  • My parents would not buy me an Atari when I was a kid, even though two of my cousins each had one. So, I would sit in front of the turned-off television and pretend to play Space Invaders. Strangely, I still have memories of playing these imaginary games.

  • Michael Woodall