One Man’s Opinion: Cell Phone Cameras Have Spoiled Cryptozoology!

Sadly, the omnipresence of cell phone cameras has really undermined the credibility of the field of cryptozoology. Sorry, Rob Lowe. You and your sons are probably not going to find Bigfoot. Still, there is likely to be some great father/son bonding. I still hold out hope for a Loch Ness monster. With that in mind, I kind of wish Ewan McGregor had grown-up sons (he has four daughters). Not to suggest that Ewan McGregor (the original Obi Wan, if you’re going by chronological timeline) couldn’t hunt cryptids with his daughters; I just suspect that women have less interest in spending a lot of time out on cold lakes chasing mythical monsters. Perhaps that’s sexist. If I offended anyone, even an extant female plesiosaur, I sincerely apologize. In any event, there was a period of four hours during which I could have been convinced that the Chupacabra was real. But then it just turned out to be a couple of tussling raccoons.

  • Sunny Sondra

    The man who invented the Loch Ness monster admitted to doing so on his deathbed. There are photos of dead chupacabras taken by the men who killed them. And plesiosaurs are illiterate.

  • Richard

    Unfortunately, the man who made said deathbed claim re: Nessie is not around to corroborate it, so I’d take it with a grain of salt. And I’d be very reluctant to make assumptions about cryptid literacy.