Recipe of the Week: Auntie Splett’s Special Corn Flakes

1. Bowl of Corn Flakes (Kellogg’s, preferably—actually unavoidably, because that’s who makes them)

2. Milk

3. Sweet’N Low

 Add milk to Corn Flakes. Sprinkle Sweet’N Low to taste. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Some people think Sweet n Low has a bitter aftertaste. Feel free to substitute sugar.

  • Danny

    I found Splenda to work as well.

  • Sandra

    Measurements please ?

  • Hurrikate

    When preparing additionally sweetened cereal, I tend to prefer Equal. Plus, the color of the blue packaging is calming. A zen start to your day!

  • Jennifer

    What if I forgot to buy cereal at the store?

  • Bill Price

    Honey for an organic option.