Reflections on Road Peeve

People often ask me which superhero am I most like? Well not often, but it’s a question I ask myself. I would have to say I am most like the Incredible Hulk.

We have a lot in common. Our love of science, our penchant for purple trousers but also the fact that most of the time we are mild-mannered but then if something gets our goat—boy, you’d better watch out! 

Actually I don’t get angry very often. Probably the only thing that really annoys me is discourteous driving. That makes me mad. Well not mad, but peeved. I experience Road Peeve. And I scare myself quite honestly. Perhaps I’m overstating it. It’s more like I get a little testy.

I guess the Incredible Hulk would not be as exciting if he just got testy. Although he sure would save a lot of money on shirts! In many ways he doesn’t really have a super power, more a super affliction. But that’s a conversation for another day.