Richard Splett Remembers: The Watcher

When I was a kid, my favorite Marvel Comics character was The Watcher. Kids would be playing superheroes, and they didn’t want an odd number of kids in the games, so Dave and Josh and Rickey and Jim would be playing Spider Man and Thor vs. the Hulk and PowerMan, and they told me I could climb a tree and watch and not get involved, which, if you’re The Watcher, was true to Marvel canon. So that was my thing: The Watcher. I miss those guys. Rickey just died. Melanoma, I believe. Wife, three kids. The wife’s a wreck. Understandable. I was going to start a fund, but as The Watcher, it just didn’t feel right. Too involved. Just gonna keep watching. For now.

  • Glop

    We are the Watchers on the Wall. (Game of Thrones reference)

  • Jennifer

    #keepwatching #neverforget