Richard Splett Responds to Readers’ Comments

Tom from Kenosha, WI writes:

“Hi Richard – I love your blog! I think it’s the best thing about the internet right now. I’m curious – what sort of a youth would you like to mentor? What advice would you offer?”

Hi, Tom!  Thanks!  It’s very gratifying to know that people enjoy my little “piece” of the Internet.  I believe mentoring is very important and that if someone had mentored me, I might have really made something of myself.

Like most people, I am attracted to indications of youth and health so no old, bald, fat or otherwise unattractive people need apply!  I don’t want to spend any more time than I have to around people who look like that.   But don’t worry.  If you are old and/or unattractive you can still participate in mentoring by becoming a mentor to someone younger and more attractive.  Just don’t pick me because, like I said, I’m only interested in mentoring experiences that involve young and attractive people.

As far as advice, hmmm.  I’ll have to think about that. I’d definitely advise them to sign up for a ride-sharing service.  They are very convenient and not expensive unless surge pricing is in effect.

Debby also (weirdly) from Kenosha, WI writes:

“My friend Lee looks a lot like you and I’m planning to dress up like him for Halloween.  Where do you buy your clothes?”

Even though I don’t know Lee, that sounds like a great choice.  I’m on a limited budget and don’t have a lot of money to spend on my wardrobe so I have to shop with an eye toward clothes that are long-lasting and have a certain “timeless” style.  The secret is to shop only in London and to shop carefully so that you only need to go once or twice a year.  You’ll make up what you spend on airfare in the infinitely more valuable currency of compliments.

For many years, I had my suits made at Huntsman on Savile Row but decided to “downsize” a few years ago and now patronize Gieves and Hawkes right down the street, who also make a genuinely bespoke garment but at a lower price.  Shirtwise, for sheer value, you can’t beat Anderson and Sheppard who cut and sew their shirts completely by hand (French cuffs only, s’il vous plait!).

A lot of people think custom made neckties are a luxury but once you’ve worn one, you’ll notice the difference right away.  I get mine from Turnbull and Asser (ask for Raj) but there are half a dozen tie makers in Jermyn Street who can help you.  For socks, the Burlington Arcade is your first stop, especially N. Peal who use a cashmere silk blend for a perfect combination of comfort and durability.  The cobbler New and Lingwood also make fine socks, though I’m not a fan of their shoes.  I’m strictly a John Lobb man (boring, I know.)  For hats, Lock and Co. have a “lock” on my custom.

When it comes to underpants, I shopped around for years before settling on Sunspel’s boxers which are, quite literally, a “cut above.”  Hankies are the only place I “go continental” and off-the-rack with Charvet.  But don’t be fooled, the selection in the Place Vendome flagship is many hundreds of times larger than at American department stores and well worth the cost of a quick jump over to Paris.

I hope this helps, Debby, and please send me a picture of you dressed up as Lee (and me.)  And Happy Halloween!


  • Melanie Cochrane Fallon

    “Currency of compliments”! Genius man. Keep this one warm between your kneecaps, armpits or boobs.

  • HeroFlag

    Cannot wait for Debby to send those pictures.