Sound Effect of the Week: Needle Scratch

Our Sound Effect of the Week this week is the sound of a needle skipping across a vinyl record.

This sound is often used to signal an abrupt and unexpected change in subject or that something comically outrageous is about to happen or has just happened.  It means, more or less,  “Hold on a second!” or “Say what?!” The noise is popular with radio deejays, especially on so-called “Morning Zoos” and on sitcom previews.

Here’s an example of where you might encounter this sound effect:

“On the next ‘Martin,’ Cole and Martin dress up in drag to try and catch Shanise cheating and wind up [NEEDLE SCRATCH] in a women’s prison!”

  • Rabbitsrock003

    This is a very informative post. Was never sure about those pesky record scratch sound effects– always sounded to me like the DJ was messing up!! Bravo