Splett Decisions

Carl “Luke Cage” Lucas vs Charles “Professor X” Xavier: Luke is impervious to pretty much anything, but Professor X is dead, and you really have to respect that.

1978 Battlestar Galactica vs New Battlestar Galactica: I will bow out on this one, because there are many fans of each, and I am not in the business of boat-rocking, although one is clearly better than the other for myriad reasons and I think you know which and why.

Cat vs Honeydew: These are two things that I am allergic to. The tie-breaking vote will have to go to honeydew, because it has more syllables and is the more mellifluous word so my tongue enjoys it more. Although my tongue does not enjoy the actual melon, which makes it swell up and block my trachea. NOTE: Apologies to those who prefer cats; you are also not wrong.

America vs Canada: To be honest, I don’t know why I asked myself this one, because it makes me uneasy to have to choose, so instead I’m going to answer: Monday vs Thursday. Actually, that one makes me uneasy, too. I like both.


Expert oatmeal tip: throw a banana in there! It’s a bunch of all-natural sweetness without adding refined sugar.