Splett on Rye: Rye Sandwich Recipes for a Rainy Day

Fun fact: if you pronounce “rainy” like my friend Carlos does — he’s from Australia — then it sounds like “rye-knee,” which is why I wrote that title. I was thinking about him saying it, and how that would sound. Actually, now that I think about it, Carlos is from Bolivia. It’s another friend who’s from Australia.

Step One: Rye Bread

It’s important to select a rye that has a firm crust, but tender interior bread. I like the rye that they sell at Glen’s in Dupont Circle, but if you’re reading this blog from >50 miles away, I would suggest finding bread closer to you, because of the carbon footprint and all.

Step Two: Choose Your Meat

For meat, you have two options: pastrami, peanut butter or cheese. Peanut butter is my go-to, because there’s nothing like a good peanut butter base for a sandwich. Pastrami is, of course, classic. And cheese, there are so many choices, from a hard yellow cheddar to a spreadable white cream cheese. You can also combine your meats, but some combinations are better than others. I like to use this mnemonic: Pastrami with cheese is stomach-pleasing. But cheese and peanut butter? Try another! (combination)

Step Three: Garnishes

Lettuce, pickles, basil, arugula, radicchio, tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, sprouts, onions or leafy greens are all great choices. Also, any sandwich can benefit from the addition of cheese (except peanut butter, see mnemonic above). If your main meat is cheese, choose a different kind of cheese as your secondary cheese. If your main meat is peanut butter, try some jelly or a banana for some added zest.

Step Four: Snap a picture and enjoy!

For best food photography, I suggest a DSLR for professional-quality sandwich close-ups — Nikon makes a great one — or a mirrorless ILC, with an extra macro lens to really capture the rye texture. There are also cameras that can connect directly to your favorite social networking platforms (splettnet.net, for example)*, for quick and easy uploading while you eat!

*please do not send me your food pictures, as my site has recently overloaded its data capacity. Still trying to get ahold of Jason.

  • Hang

    “For meat, you have two options: pastrami, peanut butter or cheese”, that’s three options, only one of which is a meat. Or technically, thousands of options since there’s thousands of different types of cheeses.