Splett or Spleen?

When Googling “Splett” you may accidentally get “Spleen.” Here’s how to tell the difference and some interesting similarities…

1) Director of Communications for Rep. Ryan of New Hampshire: SPLETT

2) Organ found in most vertebrates which functions as a blood filter: SPLEEN

3) Helps Candidate Jonah Ryan on a daily basis: BOTH

4) Synthesizes antibodies and removes bacteria from blood cells: SPLEEN

5) Abnormal enlargement of it can prove fatal: BOTH

6) Favorite movie is “Dragonheart”: SPLETT

7) Favorite movie is “Dragonslayer”: SPLEEN

8) If ruptured, immediate medical attention is required: BOTH

9) Brownish in color: BOTH

10) Weighs approximately 150 grams: BOTH (Splett’s in-womb weight)

11) Its picture can be found a variety of medical journals: BOTH

  • Hang

    Why is your picture in a medical journal? Did something go wrong?