Top of My Christmas List: The iPhone 10S

You know which iPhone I’m really excited for? The 10S. I’m already kind of over the 8, even though technically it doesn’t exist yet. There have been so many leaked specs and mockups, I feel like I already own it, although, from what I’ve read, I definitely can’t afford it. So looking past the 8 to the 8S, probably just a spec bump, then the 9 will probably feature some new killer tech, like a retinal scanner, which, as someone who wears glasses, will probably be more of a boondoggle than a boon. So forget the 9. And the 9S. Just not that jazzed. Sorry, Apple. The 10 will probably have all the 9 and 8’s bugs ironed out and some dazzling new A/I, but the 10S will have yet another spec bump which will really put it over the top. And that’s the one for me. Hopefully, by then Tim Cook (the greatest genius to ever work at Apple) will have figured out the eyeglasses/retina scan of it all. Or I may just go Samsung.

  • wingspan1985

    I’m hearing great things about the Nintendo Switch as a device, though I guess it doesn’t have phone capabilities. Still, one could tape a flip phone to the back of a Switch, giving if “talking tablet” status.

    Or you could just use a landline… What an exciting time to be alive!