Unsolicited Advice: Ted Williams on Head Transplant

Apparently the Chinese are going to perform a head transplant. If I may offer some unsolicited advice, Ted Williams’ cryo-frozen head is pretty much sitting around gathering, well, ice crystals, most likely? If China wants to win an Olympic gold medal in baseball, all they need to do is find a guy with superb fast-twitch muscles and slap Ted Williams’ head on his body. Although, the tricky part is, it’s still Ted Williams, and he might insist that he’s an American citizen and then play for America. And that would really sting, China being beaten by the Frankenstein Ted Williams/fast-twitch Chinese chimera that it assembled. Pretty ungrateful behavior, Mr. Williams-Chimera if you ask me. Although, far be it from me to tell the defrosted head of Ted Williams what to do with his newfound body. I wonder how he’d be at fielding. Or he could just DH.

  • Clegg