What Would Jesus Do: Solar Power

One of the accomplishments I’m proudest of is coining the phrase “What would Jesus do?” which I came up with way back in 2005. Every time I see it on a bumper sticker or in a newspaper article, I get a special warm feeling in my chest and blush slightly. My semi-weekly ruminations on the question “What would Jesus do?” were one of the most popular features of Splettnet back in the early days.

I discontinued it when I felt that the concept was starting to get a little stale. But now I’ve decided to bring it back. My topic for today is solar power.

So, what would Jesus do about solar power? Well, living in such a sunny part of the world, my guess is that he would try and use it at every opportunity. And while we understand that solar power is a “miracle” of modern technology, in Jesus’ time before mankind had harnessed electricity, solar power would have seemed like a true miracle indeed!

Jesus would also have approved of the fact that solar power is non-polluting, at least once you’ve finished manufacturing the solar panels. Jesus was a carpenter so he probably had to cut down a lot of trees which he must have felt really bad about. Solar power would be a great way of restoring some of the damage he did to the environment. He probably also felt bad about all that fishing the Apostles did. While solar power does nothing to solve the specific problem of overfishing, it’s good for the environment in general.

With apologies to the late Siskel and Ebert, Jesus gives solar power two thumbs up!