You Decide!

Realize you SplettNetters might want to choose your own handle. I sort of started calling you that without consulting you. More than a tad presumptuous.

Possible alternate names:

1) Splettheads

2) Splettsters

3) The Bespletted

4) Splettiacs

5) Splettlievers 

6) Spetterers

7)  Spletters

8) The Besplettnetted

  • Matt

    The Splettermen

  • sylvion

    I’m here for Splettsers.

  • dickbutt55

    100% Splettheads

  • bethlad

    Splettinger’sCats? The Splettoons?

  • Hurrikate


  • Marie

    Honestly, I liked SplettNetters.

  • Gladioli Smellier

    What about Splettunkers? I realise it’s a near rhyme and not a true rhyme, although maybe Carlos would pronounce Splett or Spelunking such that it would approach a true rhyme. Then again, he may not. Either way, I think it captures our shared appreciations of you and of stalactites too. Thoughts?