Behold the Pacer

Hey, Detroit, if you can bring back the Dodge Charger, what about the AMC Pacer? Yes, I know, there is no longer an American Motors Corporation, but maybe GMC could release it and just make their G look a little more A-like? I’d buy one. Probably used. If it was the right price and decent condition. Low miles. No rust. And I got a little help. And some reasonable financing. Still, parking might be a problem — but not your problem, Detroit!

Redesign Update

Finally talked to Jason. He’s hit a pretty rough patch in his personal life. Gambling addiction is pretty serious stuff. Unfortunately, the Boba Fett funds were wagered on what, in Jason’s defense, looked like a pretty sure bet of a college volleyball game. So back to square one, but with less money. Is there a square before one? If so, we may be there.