The Chitauri: WT*??

Upon watching The Avengers again last night (thank you, TBS!), struck by this realization: When the Chitauri attack New York, the police and national guard seem completely overwhelmed, even though they are armed with assault rifles. But Romanoff and Barton are able to kill dozens of them with a handgun and bow and arrow, which would presumably have a shorter range and less stopping power than military assault rifles. So, what’s up, National Guard? Are you guys just really bad shots? Panicky under pressure? Other than the big flying monsters, if these guys are vulnerable to arrows and 9mm bullets, shouldn’t you be able to stop them? Filpside, Loki — this is the best invading force you can come up with? How are you going to imprison the Earth with a few hundred dudes who can’t handle arrows? The whole movie is starting to unravel on me. Don’t get me started on Ultron.”